Reading Material

Recommended Books

“Puritan’s Empire”, Charles Coulombe

“Liberty, the God that Failed”, Christopher Ferrara

“Liberalism is a Sin”, Rev. Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany    

“Arredondo, last Spanish ruler of Texas”, Bradley Folsom

“The Last Crusade”, Warren Carroll

“The Counter Revolutionary Vision of Antonio Aparisi y Guijarro”, Regina A. Mezei

“The Carlist War”, Ramon del Valle-Inclan

“Catholicism, Liberalism & Socialism”, Frederick D. Wilhelmsen

“The Awakening of Miss Prim”, Natalia San Martin

“The Most Striking Events of a Twelvemonth’s Campaign with Zumalacárregui in Navarre & the Basque provinces”, C. F. Henningsen

“Carlists! A Message for Our Times: The Eyewitness Account of a Twelvemonth Spent with the Carlist Army of Zumalacarregui, 1834-5”, C.F. Henningsen, Henry von Blumenthal

“The Reign of Christ the King”, Michael Davies

“A Catechism of Modernism”, Rev. J. B. Lemius, OMI

“The Popes Against Modern Errors, 16 Papal Documents”, Various Popes

"Tree of Hate: Propaganda & Prejudices Affecting United States Relations with the Hispanic World", Philip Wayne Powell

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