Friday, January 6th

Epiphany, celebration of Traditional Catholic Monarchy, Holy Mass

Saturday, January 27th

Holy Mass (10am), Rosary Rally (Ft. Worth)

Saturday, February 17th

Distribute hot food/clothing to the homeless (3:30pm, Ft. Worth)

Saturday, March 9th

San Antonio Missions Pilgrimage

Sunday, March 10th

Martyrs of Tradition, Rosary, Holy Mass & Social

Friday, May 3rd

Finding of the Holy Cross, recognition of the Carlist spirit, Holy Mass

Sunday, May 12th

May Crowning of Our Lady, Holy Mass

Thursday, May 30th

Corpus Christi, Holy Mass

Friday, June 7th

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holy Mass

Thursday, July 18th

Anniversary of the National Uprising, remembering the 1936-1939 Spanish Crusade, Holy Mass

Wednesday, July 31st

St. Ignatius of Loyola, Proto-Carlist, founder of the Jesuits, Holy Mass & Dinner

Sunday, September 15th

Our Lady of Sorrows, Generalisima of the Requetes, Holy Mass

Saturday, October 12th

Our Lady of the Pillar, Patroness of the Spains, Holy Mass

Sunday, October 27th

Christ the King, to celebrate the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, Holy Mass

Monday, November 4th

St. Charles Borromeo, leading figure of the Counter-Reformation, Holy Mass

Tuesday, November 26th

Death of Servant of God, Queen Isabel, la Católica, Holy Mass

Sunday, December 8th

The Immaculate Conception, Holy Mass

Thursday, December 12th

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas, Procession & Holy Mass

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