Traditionalist Carlist Circle "Camino Real de Tejas"

The Traditionalist Carlist Circle “Camino Real de Tejas” was formed on January 23, 2021. On that day a presentation was given to more than a hundred faithful Catholic attendees in Irving, Texas. 
The talk covered the principles of Carlist thought (God, Fatherland, Fueros & King) and the history behind the fight against the Liberal Revolution, in all its ideological dimensions. 
From then on, a group of parents and students, under HRH Prince Sixtus Henry Bourbon’s blessing, constituted a formal study group with the objective of deepening knowledge of the Carlist Cause and its history of defending the rights of Christ the King in the Spains, including Texas. 
Currently, this circle is dedicated to translating Carlist books and articles to English, and participates in the Carlist digital newspaper La Esperanza contributing philosophical and historical articles from a traditionalist perspective.


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God, Fatherland, Fueros & King